La Route GED-Afriqued'

A GOL-Afrika útvonal


GROUPE EUROPEEN DE DEVELOPPEMENT CONGO Sarlu is an entity registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is wholly owned by GED Africa Limited. GED Africa is the ultimate owner of the rights to design, build and operate the GED Africa Route which includes upgrades and new road construction from Kasomeno, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Mwenda, Zambia, a modern 345 meter cable-stayed bridge across the Luapula River, and a one-stop border post (OSBP) in each country. GED Congo was established to manage all aspects of the project management and operations within the DRC including commercial agreements, engineering operations, budgeting, procurement, contractor and supplier management and stakeholder relations with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the contracting authority, Agence Congolaise des Grands Travaux (ACGT). ACGT is tasked with overseeing the development of large infrastructure projects across the country.



The DRC scope of the GED Africa Route includes existing road infrastructure from the town of Kasomeno to the Kasenga, this segment of the project must be rehabilitated and improved to a standard suitable for commercial volumes. GED Congo’s road segments include Kasomeno to Kasenga (59.6 kilometers) and Kasenga to Chalwe (33.6 kilometers), the later is completely new road infrastructure.

GED Congo’s early works scope included bush clearing and building an 11.5-kilometer bypass road between Kasenga and the future bridge site at Chalwe. This entirely new road infrastructure is of key technical and social importance. Upon project completion, the bypass will reduce the impact of congestion on the town of Kasenga for commercial transport heading to Lubumbashi and brings road accessibility to 13 villages, otherwise disconnected from town center.

Improved infrastructure and accessibility supports the growth of daily trade for communities along the route. GED Congo is also responsible for the one-stop border post with the accompanying parking facilities. DRC is Africa’s largest producer of copper and cobalt, minerals that are of critical importance to the global energy  transition. GED Africa is committed to expediting the exports of these strategic minerals for a low carbon future.

GED Congo’s management includes a team of engineers with over a decade of experience in the DRC and international expertise having worked on major infrastructure projects under GED Africa’s main financial sponsor, Duna Group in Hungary.